Madama Butterfly

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Madama Butterfly. Opera orig. in 2 acts by Puccini, comp. 1901–3, to lib. by Giacosa and Illica based on Belasco's play (1900) which was taken from a story by J. L. Long (based on a real event). Prod. Milan 1904. New version, with Act 2 divided into 2 parts, separated by interval, prod. Brescia 1904 (3 months later), London 1905, Washington (in Eng.) 1906, NY Met 1907. Version usually perf. today dates from prod. in Paris, 1906, for which Puccini made further cuts and revs. WNO prod. 1978 restored over 400 measures of 1904 score. Orig. vers. given complete, Venice 1982 and Leeds (Opera North) 1991.