Madame Bovary 2000

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Madame Bovary ★★½ 2000

British adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's scandalous novel, which is set in rural Normandy in the 1830s and ‘40s. Emma (O'Connor) is the conventeducated daughter of a farmer, who makes an unwise marriage to country doctor Charles Bovary (Bonneville), whom she doesn't love. Indeed, Emma has some overly romantic notions about love that lead to infidelity and despair. But it's Emma's extravagence and her borrowing from the usurious Lheureux (Barron) that bring her to disaster. None of the characters are particularly bright (or likeable) so your sympathy is at a minimum. 140m/C VHS . GB Frances O'Connor, Hugh Bonneville, Greg Wise, Hugh Dancy, Keith Barron, Trevor Peacock; D: Tim Fywell; W: Heidi Thomas. TV