Madame Butterfly

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Madame Butterfly ★★ 1995

A French production, filmed in Tunisia, with a Chinese soprano, and Italian subtitles. Mitterrand takes on Puccini's opera, setting it in 1904 Nagasaki, but playing most of the story straight (he adds some documentary footage of old Japan between the acts). 15-year-old Butterfly (Huang) is a geisha who makes the mistake of falling in love and marrying deceitful American naval officer Pinkerton (Troxell). She's disowned by her family, he eventually sails away, and when he does return, it's with an American bride. Tragedy ensues. New comer Huang's fine but the handsome Troxell's a little stiff. 129m/C VHS, DVD . FR Ying Huang, Richard Troxell, Ning Liang, Richard Cowan; D: Frederic Mitterrand; W: Frederic Mitterrand; C: Philippe Welt.