Bark, Jan (Helge Guttorm)

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Bark, Jan (Helge Guttorm)

Bark, Jan (Helge Guttorm), Swedish trombonist and composer; b. Harnosand, April 19, 1934. He was first a jazz trombonist, then studied at the Stockholm Musikhògskolan, taking courses in composition with Larsson and Blomdahl. He was initiated into ultramodern music by Ligeti in Stockholm. In 1962 he made an American trip and worked with avant-garde groups at the Tape Music Center in San Francisco. In 1964 he traveled to the Far East to study oriental music. Returning to Sweden, he joined the radio and television center of the Swedish Broadcasting Service. He was co-founder with Folke Rabe of the Culture Quartet, which explored the potentialities of modern trombone playing. Many of his pieces are of a theatrical, almost exhibitionistic, nature, often with a healthy radical tinge.


Piano Sonata (1957); 2 string quartets (1959, 1962); Metakronismer for Orch. (1960; Oslo, March 4, 1961); 2 works for the Culture Quartet, in collaboration with Folke Rabe: Bolos (1962) and Polonaise (1965); Lamento for Percussion, Piano, and Double Basses (1962); Boca Chica for Chamber Ensemble (1962); Pyknos for Orch. (1962); Eko for News Broadcaster and 5 Tape Recorders (1962); Missa Bassa for Small Orch. with 7 Conductors, 6 of whom also sing (1964; Swedish Radio, April 1, 1967); Nota for “choreographic” Chorus (1964); Ost-Funk for 8 Jazz Musicians (1964); Mansbot for Men’s Chorus and 12 Guitars (1964); Tredjedels Signen for 3 Hammond Organs (1967); Bar, electronic music (1967); Light Music for Chorus (1968); Lyndon Bunk Johnson, a “poster” work, composed collectively (1968); Irk-Ork 1970 for Chamber Ensemble (1970); Het lacht von het vliegende Joachim for Trombone, Cello, and Piano (1971); Memoria in memoria for Chamber Group (1974); Utspel for Band (1976); Malumma for Tuba and Band (1984); Concerto for Orch. (1985); various theater pieces and film music.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire