Barkan, Joanne

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BARKAN, Joanne

BARKAN, Joanne. Also writes as J. B. Wright. American. Genres: Children's fiction, Adult non-fiction. Career: Editor, Croft-NEI Publications, 1976-78; national news editor, Seven Days Magazine, 1978; book editor and staff writer for "The Muppets," Jim Henson Productions, 1985-87; editor and project coordinator, Brooke-House Publishing, 1988-92; executive editor, Dissent magazine; freelance writer and editor. Publications: Visions of Emancipation: The Italian Workers' Movement since 1945 (adult nonfiction), 1984. FOR CHILDREN: Baby Piggy and the Thunderstorm, 1987; The Christmas Toy, 1987; Kermit's Mixed-up Message, 1987; Baby Gonzo's Unfinished Dream, 1988; Baby Kermit's Old Blanket, 1988; Boober's Colorful Soup, 1988; Doozers Big and Little, 1988; My Cooking Pot, 1989; My Cooking Spoon, 1989; My Frying Pan, 1989; My Measuring Cup, 1989; My Rolling Pin, 1989; My Spatula, 1989; What's So Funny, 1989; The Girl Who Couldn't Remember, 1989; The Secret of the Sunken Treasure, 1989; Abraham Lincoln: A Biography, 1990; Air, Air, All Around, 1990; Fire, Fire, Burning Bright, 1990; Rocks, Rocks, Big and Small, 1990; Water, Water, Everywhere, 1990; My Pruning Shears, 1990; My Rake, 1990; My Trowel, 1990; My Watering Can, 1990; Whiskerville Bake Shop, 1990; Whiskerville Firehouse, 1990; Whiskerville Post Office, 1990; Whiskerville School, 1990; Anna Marie's Blanket, 1990; Glow in the Dark Spooky House, 1990; Creatures That Glow, 1991; My Birthday Adventure with TeddyO (a computer-personalized picture book), 1991; A Very Scary Haunted House, 1991; A Very Scary Jack O'Lantern, 1991; Easter Egg Fun, 1991; Easter Surprise, 1991; Where Do I Put My Toys?, 1991; Where Do I Put My Clothes?, 1991; Where Do I Put My Books?, 1991; Where Do I Put My Food?, 1991; Whiskerville Train Station, 1991; Whiskerville Theater, 1991; Whiskerville Grocery, 1991; Whiskerville Toy Shop, 1991; (as J.B. Wright) Dinosaurs, 1991; Boxcar, 1992; Caboose, 1992; Locomotive, 1992; Passenger Car, 1992; A Very Merry Santa Claus Story, 1992; A Very Merry Snowman Story, 1992; A Very Scary Ghost Story, 1992; A Very Scary Witch Story, 1992; That Fat Hat, 1992; Animal Car, 1993; Circus Locomotive, 1993; Clown Caboose, 1993; Performers' Car, 1993; The Magic Carpet's Secret, 1993; Elves for a Day, 1993; Numbers Add Up at Home, 1993; The Ballet Mystery, 1994; Home, Creepy Home, 1994; The Krystal Princess and the Grand Contest, 1994. Contributor to anthologies. Contributor (sometimes under undisclosed pseudonyms) of original stories for reading textbooks and author of social studies textbooks. Contributor to periodicals. Address: 711 West End Ave., New York, NY 10025, U.S.A.