Yaroshinskaya, Alla

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YAROSHINSKAYA, Alla. Ukranian (born U.S.S.R.), b. 1953. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Environmental sciences/Ecology, Documentaries/ Reportage. Career: Radyanska Zhitomirshina (newspaper), journalist, 1976- 89; USSR Parliament, member, 1989-91; European Parliament, appointed member, 1990-91; Ministry of Press and Information of the Russian Federation, chief of mass media dept, 1991-92; Federal Information Center of the President of the Russian Federation, chief, International Liaison of Mass Media dept, 1992-93; adviser to Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin, 1993- 2000; Ecological Center, president, 1999-; adviser to former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev, 2000-. President and founder of the Alla Yaroshinskaya Charity Fund to assist victims of nuclear disasters, 1993- 2000. Has lectured in many countries. Publications: Chernobyl Is with Us (nonfiction), 1991, trans. as Chernobyl: Prohibited Truth, 1994; Chernobyl: Top Secret (nonfiction), 1992; Philosophy of Nuclear Security, 1997; Kremlin Kiss (novel), 2 vols., 2001; The Opposite Door (stories), 2002. COAUTHOR: Earth Is Alarmed (nonfiction), 1990; (and ed.-in-chief) Nuclear Encyclopedia, 1996; Dimensions of Sustainability, 1997; Human Dimension of Nuclear Security, 1998; Vanunu and the Bomb, 1998; New Security Concerns and Approaches, 1998; Ambiente e cultura, 1999; Time for Changing, Time for Hopes, 1999. Contributor to periodicals. Address: Rubliovskoe Shosse, 34- 2-437, 121609 Moscow, Russia. Online address: [email protected]