Yaron (Zinger), Ẓevi

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YARON (Zinger), ẒEVI

YARON (Zinger), ẒEVI (1921–1977), Zionist thinker and educator. Born in Rzeszow, Poland; his family moved to Belgium in 1925. He escaped alone to England in 1940, studied at Yeshivat Etz Ḥayyim in London, and at Manchester University. During his stay in England he became a leading member of the Religious Zionist Youth Movement (Baḥad), serving as madrikh of the Thaxted Hachsharah Farm from 1945 to 1947 and director of the Mercaz Limud in Manchester from 1947 to 1950.

In 1950 he immigrated to Israel and was a founder of kibbutz Lavi in the Galilee, director of the cultural department of *Ha-Kibbutz ha-Dati from 1953 to 1957, deputy editor of the religious weekly Panim el Panim, and director of the religious section of the Youth and He-Ḥalutz Department of the Jewish Agency. He also taught at the School for Overseas Students of the Hebrew University.

He was a member of the Israel Interfaith Committee, editor of the quarterly Forum, and founder and first editor of Ammudim, the monthly of Ha-Kibbutz ha-Dati. His major work in addition to numerous articles on religion and state was Mishnato Shel ha-Rav Kook (The Teachings of Rabbi Kook, 1974).