The Wolves of Kromer

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The Wolves of Kromer ★★ 1998

A modern-day fairytale set in the rural English town of Kromer. The hypocritical townspeople are mean-spirited gossips who look down upon the local wolf population (in this case very attractive young human/beasts in fur coats and long tails). Seth (Williams) has just “come out” as a wolf and fallen for promiscuous Gabriel (Layton). Meanwhile, two servants are poisoning their cruel mistress and plan to point accusing fingers at the wolves, giving the human populace the excuse they need for violence. Based on the play by Lambert, who wrote the screenplay. 77m/C VHS, DVD . GB Lee Williams, James Layton, Rita Davies, Margaret Towner, Rosemary Dunham, Angharad Rees, Kevin Moore, Leila Lloyd-Evelyn, Matthew Dean, David Prescott; D: Will Gould; W: Charles Lambert, Matthew Read; C: Laura Remacha; M: Basil Moore-Asfouri; Nar: Boy George.