The Wolfman

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The Wolfman ★ 1982

Colin Glasgow is summoned back to his family manor to attend the funeral of his father. Unbeknownst to Colin, his father was actually murdered by his children who are in thrall to a Satanist priest. The family stalls Colin, hoping their father's “curse” will be passed on to him at the next full moon. It does, and Colin turns into a werewolf and begins a small rural rampage. Extremely amateurish gothic horror attempt in the Universal/”Dark Shadows” vein. The sets and models look flimsy and the acting is like that of a bad stage-play. 102m/C VHS, DVD . Earl Owensby, Kristina Reynolds, Sid Rancer, Julian Morton; D: Worth Keeter; W: Worth Keeter; C: Darrell Cathcart; M: David Floyd, Arthur Smith.