The Womaneater

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The Womaneater ★★ 1959

This ‘50s oddity makes a belated appearance on home video. Dr. James Moran (Coulouris) returns from the depths of the Amazon jungle (obviously a set filled with plastic plants) with a miraculous tree that's a close cousin of “Audrey” in the original “Little Shop of Horrors.” To maintain its healing powers, the doctor must feed it a steady diet of young women. Not a good sign for his sexy housekeeper Sally (Day). It's every bit as silly as it sounds, swiftly paced and short. 71m/B VHS, DVD . GB Vera Day, George Coulouris, Robert MacKenzie, Norman Claridge, Marpessa Dawn, Jimmy Vaughan; D: Charles Saunders; W: Brandon Fleming; C: Ernest Palmer; M: Edwin Astley.

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The Womaneater

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