The Women 1968

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The Women ★½ Les Femmes; The Vixen 1968

Plodding romantic comedy about a blocked writer and his muse. Dizzy Clara (Bardot) is secretary to middle-aged womanizer Jerome (Ronet), who is attempting to work on his memoirs. Inspired by her beauty, Jerome sets out to seduce Clara, which also reinvigorates his writing. But he's thinking fling and she's thinking something more permanent. French with subtitles. 86m/C VHS, DVD . FR IT Brigitte Bardot, Maurice Ronet, Anny (Annie Legras) Duperey, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Christina Holme; D: Jean Aurel; W: Jean Aurel, Cecil Saint-Laurent; C: Claude Lecomte; M: Luis Fuentes Jr.

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The Women 1968

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