The Wood

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The Wood ★★½ 1999 (R)

Follows the friendship of three young black men growing up together during the 80s in In-glewood, California. Through the use of flashbacks, their lives are traced from junior high to the imminent wedding day of one of the trio. Mike (Epps) and Slim (Jones) are also forced to track down reluctant groom Roland (Diggs), sober him up, and get him to the church on time. Newcomer Famuyiwa based the script on his own life. Good cast is left with little interesting to do in this likable, but bland, nostalgia-fest. 107m/C VHS, DVD . Omar Epps, Sean Nelson, Richard T. Jones, Taye Diggs, Trent Cameron, Malinda Williams, Duane Finley, Sanaa Lathan, De'Aundre Bonds, Lisa-Raye, Cynthia Martells, Tamala Jones, Elayne J. Taylor; D: Rick Famuyiwa; W: Rick Famuyiwa; C: Steven Bernstein; M: Robert Hurst.

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The Wood

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