The Wizard of Speed and Time

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The Wizard of Speed and Time ★★½ 1988 (PG)

A special-effects wizard gets the break of his life when he's hired by a movie studio, but there's more to this particular studio than he realizes. Jittlov, a real special-effects expert, plays himself in this personally financed production. Although brimming with inside jokes and references, this self-indulgence succeeds with its enthusiasm and ambition, despite being rather obviously self-produced. Unique special effects make it memorable. 95m/C VHS . Mike Jittlov, Richard Kaye, Page Moore, David Conrad, Steve Brodie, John Massari, Frank Laloggia, Philip Michael Thomas, Angelique Pettyjohn, Arnetia Walker, Paulette Breen, Forrest J Ackerman; D: Mike Jittlov; W: Deven Chierighino, Mike Jittlov, Richard Kaye; C: Russell Carpenter; M: John Massari.