The Vector File

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The Vector File ★½ 2003 (R)

Little Mattie got her hands on a wicked DNA code that threatens the world if not kept under wraps forcing dear old dad to fend off the terrorists in pursuit of it. Stars real-life family—Van Dien is Oxenberg's husband and India is her daughter. 92m/C VHS, DVD . Casper Van Dien, Catherine Oxenberg, Timothy Balme, William Wallace, Katherine Kennard, India Oxenberg, Roz Turnbull, George Henare, Laurie Foel, Stephen Hall, David Stott, Chic Littlewood, Craig Hall, Paddy Wilson, Paul Norell, Roz Worthington, Chris Easley; D: Eliot Christopher; W: Iain McFadyen; C: Kevin Riley; M: Bruce Lynch. VIDEO