The Velocity of Gary

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The Velocity of Gary ★½ The Velocity of Gary* (* Not His Real Name) 1998 (R)

Melodrama about love, death, and what makes a family is undone by a weak script, strained humor, and a screechy performance by Hayek. Gary's (Jane) a hustler in New York City who's attracted to bisexual porn star Valentino (D'Onofrio). Valentino has a possessive waitress girlfriend, Mary Carmen (Hayek), and she and Gary immediately hate each other and constantly compete for Valentino's affections. But when Valentino falls ill with AIDS, the three move into together and try to put aside their differences. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Vincent D'Onofrio, Salma Hayek, Thomas Jane, Olivia D'Abo; D: Dan Ireland; W: James Still; C: Claudio Rocha.