The Vampire Lovers

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The Vampire Lovers ★★½ 1970 (R)

An angry father goes after a lesbian vampire who has ravished his daughter and other young girls in a peaceful European village. Innovative story was soon used in countless other vampire vehicles. Hammer Studio's first horror film with nudity, another addition to the genre which spread rapidly. Based on the story “Carmilla” by Sheridan Le Fanu. Followed by “Lust for a Vampire.” 91m/C VHS, DVD . GB Ingrid Pitt, Pippa Steele, Madeleine Smith, Peter Cushing, George Cole, Dawn Addams, Kate O'Mara, Ferdinand “Ferdy” Mayne, Douglas Wilmer, Harvey Hall, Charles Farrell; D: Roy Ward Baker; W: Tudor Gates; C: Moray Grant.