The Vault

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The Vault ★★ 2000 (R)

Teacher Mr. Burnett (Lyde) takes four students—Dezaray (Pride), Willy (Priester), Zipper (Walker), and Kyle (Davis) to visit an old high school, which is scheduled to be demolished. (The four kids fit the stereotypes of cheerleader, jock, nerd, and tough guy.) The school was originally a waystation for slaves and the group hopes to rescue some historical items (or something like that). Once they arrive at the school, they meet the eerie security guard Spangler (Papi), who warns them to not venture into the basement. You see, there's a very old locked door in the basement, and behind that door is…ultimate evil. Unfortunately, the film ends just as it's beginning to get interesting. 85m/C DVD . Ted Lyde, Shani Pride, Austin Priester, Kyle Walker, Michael Cory Davis, Leopold Papi; D: James Black.