Vane, John R(obert)

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VANE, John R(obert)

VANE, John R(obert). British, b. 1927. Genres: Medicine/Health. Career: Pharmacologist. Yale University, instructor and associate professor of pharmacology, 1953-55; Institute of Basic Medical Science, Royal College of Surgeons, England, senior lecturer of pharmacology, 1955-61; London University, reader, 1961-65, professor of experimental pharmacology, 196673; Wellcome Foundation Limited, director of group research and development, 1973-85; University of Atlanta, Walter C. MacKenzie visiting professor, 1977; Harvard University, visiting professor, 1979; New York Medical College, visiting professor; Cancer Research Foundation, member of council, 1985; Osaka Bioscience Institute, Japan, 1987; Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, member school of medicine, 1988. Recipient: Nobel Prize. Publications: (with M. O'Connor and G.E.W. Wolstenholme) Adrenergic Mechanisms, 1960; (with H. Robinson) Prostaglandin Synthetase Inhibitors-Their Effects on Physiological Functions and Pathological States, 1974; Metabolic Functions of the Lung, 1977; Inflammation Contributors, 1978; Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, 1979; Prostacyclin in Health and Disease, 1982; Perspectives in Rrostaglandin Research, 1983; (Introduction) A Patient's Guide to Coronary Bypass Surgery and its Aftermath: Advice From a Survivor, 1996; Improved Non-Steroid antiflammatory Drugs COX-2 Enzyme Inhibitors, 1996. EDITOR: (with S. Bergstrom) Prostacyclin, 1979; Prostacyclin: New Perspectives for Basic Research and Novel Therapeutic Indications, 1992; Aspirin and Other Salicylates, 1992. Contributor to journals and periodicals. Address: William Harvey Research Institute, Saint Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, Charterhouse Square, London ECIM 6BQ, England.