Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise

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Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise ★★½ 2001

Not only is Pete's (Begley) girlfriend tired of stripping to support them but she won't put out until he gets a real job. Off he goes to the local doortodoor vacuum sales office and is placed under the dubious tutelage of polar opposite Tommy (Spall)—a frantic, morally bankrupt, yet very experienced and successful salesman. The jocularity is plentiful in this BBCTV production as the contest for the “Golden Hoover” pits all the sales folks against Tommy. Spall excels in punching out his frenzied lines while director Boyle's use of the digital video format captures the essence of office life in this grim sendup. 75m/C VHS, DVD . Timothy Spall, Michael Begley, Katy Cavanagh, Caroline Ashley; D: Danny Boyle; W: Jim Cartwright; C: Anthony Dod Mantle; M: John Murphy. TV