Ulysses' Gaze

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Ulysses' Gaze ★★ The Look of Ulysses; To Vlemma Tou Odyssea; The Gaze of Ulysses 1995

Nameless Greek-American filmmaker (Keitel) journeys across the Balkans from Athens to Sarajevo while making a documentary on pioneer filmmakers, the Manakia brothers, who ignored national and ethnic strife in order to record the lives of ordinary people. Keitel has heard that some undeveloped film shot by the brothers has turned up in Sarajevo and he's determined to see it despite the turmoil in Bosnia. Moving and pessimistic depiction of the Balkan conflict seen through a filmmaker's eyes. English and Greek with subtitles. 173m/C VHS, DVD . GR FR IT Harvey Keitel, Maia Morgenstern, Erland Josephson, Thanassis Vengos, Yorgos Michalokopoulos, Dora Volonaki; D: Theo Angelopoulos; W: Theo Angelopoulos, Tonino Guerra, Petros Markaris; C: Yorgos Arvanitis; M: Eleni Karaindrou. Cannes ‘95: Grand Jury Prize.

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