Two Lane Blacktop

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Two Lane Blacktop ★★★ 1971

Counterculture critics darling that failed at the box-office but has since developed a cult following. The Driver (Taylor) and the Mechanic (Wilson) are car freaks in a ‘55 Chevy, driving the southwestern backroads looking for a race. They meet up with Oates who's at the wheel of a brandnew G.T.O. He proposes they crosscoun try to D.C. and the winner gets the loser's car. Along the way, everyone's enthusi asm wanes and they part, with Wilson and Taylor driving down a two-lane blacktop as the film literally melts into a bright light. Music includes The Doors, Kris Kristofferson, and Ray Charles. 103m/C VHS, DVD . James Taylor, Dennis Wilson, Warren Oates, Laurie Bird, Harry Dean Stanton; D: Monte Hellman; W: Rudy Wurlitzer, Will Corry; C: Jackson Deerson.