Two Men Went to War

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Two Men Went to War ★½ 2002

Silly comedy that falls into the “truth is stranger than fiction” category. In 1942, Sgt. King (Cranham) and Pvt. Cuthbertson (Bill), both assigned to the Army Dental Corps, decide to go AWOL in order to see some action. They take a bag of gre nades, steal a boat, sneak into France, and go after some Nazi targets. Adapted from Raymond Foxall's book “Amateur Commandos.” 108m/C DVD . GB Kenneth Cranham, Leo Bill, Derek Jacobi, Phyllida Law, James Fleet, Julian Glover, Anthony Valentine, David Ryall, Rosanna Lavelle; D: John Henderson; W: Christopher Villiers, Richard Everett; C: John Ignatius; M: Richard Harvey.