Tramp, Tramp, Tramp

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Tramp, Tramp, Tramp ★★½ 1926

Langdon's first featurelength comedy, produced by his own company, features the silent star as the hapless son of a shoemaker who is facing bankruptcy. Wealthy shoe manufacturer John Burton (Davis) has offered substantial prize money for a coasttocoast walking race and Harry is persuaded to enter the contest in order to save the family business. Naturally, there are many obstacles to overcome—he almost falls from a precipice, must escape from a chain gang, and is nearly killed by a cyclone. The plot is merely a series of sketches but Langdon is cheery and fearless; Crawford has an early role as his girlfriend. Langdon used numerous (uncredited) gag men for his film, including Frank Capra. The DVD also includes the Langdon short, “All Night Long.” 84m/B VHS, DVD . Harry Langdon, Joan Crawford, Alec B. Francis, Edwards Davis; D: Harry Edwards; C: Elgin Lessley.