Tramello, Alessio

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Tramello, Alessio (before 1470–c.1528). Italian Renaissance architect who worked mainly in and around Piacenza, and was strongly influenced by the architecture of Bramante. He designed the Piacenza Churches of San Sisto (1499–1514—with a barrel-vaulted coffered nave resembling Alberti's Sant'Andrea, Mantua) and San Sepolcro (from 1513—with alternate square and rectangular nave-bays). He was responsible for the centrally planned Church of the Madonna di Campagna, Piacenza (1522–6), on a Greek-cross plan, with forms clearly derived from Bramante's work. He was also involved in the building of the Steccata, Parma (begun 1521) to designs by Giovanni Francesco Zaccagni (1491–1543).


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