Terror Stalks the Class Reunion

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Terror Stalks the Class Reunion ★★½ 1993 (PG-13)

Kay (Nelligan) is a teacher who disappears at a class reunion. Police dismiss the case as a runaway wife, except for Virginia, a young detective (Beals) who doesn't accept that theory. And she's right—Kay is held hostage in a remote cabin by an obsessed former student (Davies). Kay needs all her wits to fend off her deranged and possibly deadly suitor while Virginia races to find her. Based on the novel by Mary Higgins Clark. 95m/C VHS . Kate Nelligan, Jennifer Beals, Geraint Wyn Davies; D: Clive Donner; W: Marc Princi; C: Gernot Roll; M: Carlo Siliotto.

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Terror Stalks the Class Reunion

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