Suite 16

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Suite 16 ★ 1994 (R)

A penthousesuite in a French Riviera hotel is occupied by rich, manipulative, wheelchair-bound Glover (Postlethwaite). Young gigolo/thief Chris (Kamerling), who believes he's killed his latest trick, is given refuge by Glover in exchange for allowing the aging voyeur to watch Chris (via camera) perform with a succession of prostitutes. Finally, Chris wants to leave but Glover offers him a huge amount of money for one final vicarious—and deadly—thrill. Eurotrash, with corny dialogue, but Postlethwaite's chillingly creepy. Also available in an R-rated version. 93m/C VHS, DVD . BE GB Pete Postlethwaite, Antoine Kamerling, Geraldine Pailhas, Thom Jansen; D: Dominique Deruddere; W: Charles Higson, Lise Mayer; C: Jean-Francois Robin; M: Walter Hus.