Sordid Lives

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Sordid Lives ★★ 2000

Shores adapted his play but the comedy goes flat before the finale. Texas matriarch Peggy dies (under scandalous circumstances) and her dysfunctional family goes into hyperdrive. There's proper daughter Latrelle (Bedelia) who can't accept that her actor son Ty (Geiger) is gay, probably because her own brother—known only as Brother Boy (Jordan)—is a drag queen confined to a mental institution. But brassy sister La-Vonda (Walker) still thinks he should come to the funeral. And there's Aunt Sissy (Grant) and G.W. (Bridges), who was having an affair with Peggy, and his wife Noleta (Burke), who's LaVonda's best friend and…it just kinda goes on and on. 111m/C VHS, DVD . Bonnie Bedelia, Beth Grant, Delta Burke, Ann Walker, Leslie Jordan, Beau Bridges, Kirk Giger, Rosemary Alexander, Olivia Newton-John; D: Del Shores; W: Del Shores; C: Max Ci-Von; M: George S. Clinton.