Sorenson, Margo

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SORENSON, Margo. Also writes as Marcie Kremer. American, b. 1946. Genres: Children's non-fiction, Young adult non-fiction. Career: Teacher in California and Hawaii, 1967-85; California Milken Educator, 1991; writer, La Quinta, CA. Johns Hopkins University, fellow, 1988-. Publications: (as Marcie Kremer) Aloha, Love (young adult romance novel), 1995; Danger Canyon, 1996; The Hidden Dagger, 1996; Soccer Blaster, 1996; Kimo and the Secret Waves, 1996; Nothing Is for Free, 1996; The Gotcha Plot, 1996; Firewatch, 1996; Time Trap, 1996; Who Stole the Bases?, 1996; Don't Bug Me, 1996; Tsunami!, 1997; Hurricane, 1997; Fight in the Fields: The Story of Cesar Chavez, 1998; Leap into the Unknown: The Story of Albert Einstein, 1998; Danger Marches to the Palace: The Story of Queen Lili'uokalani, 1998; Death of Lies: The Story of Socrates, 1998; Shatter with Words: The Story of Langston Hughes, 1998; Clubhouse Threat, 2001; Funny Man, 2002; Soccer Battle, 2002; Tori and the Sleigh of Midnight Blue, 2002; Secret Heroes, 2003; Funny Man Gets Rolling, 2003.