Somewhere I'll Find You

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Somewhere I'll Find You ★★★ 1942

Clark and Turner heat up the screen as correspondents running all over the war-torn world in their second film together. (“Honky Tonk” was their first.) Notable mainly because Gable's beloved wife, Carole Lombard, was killed in a plane crash only three days into production. Gable forced himself to finish the film and it became one of the studio's biggest hits. Although critics applauded his determination to complete the film, many felt his performance was subdued and strained. Film debut of Wynn. Based on a story by Charles Hoffman. 108m/B VHS . Clark Gable, Lana Turner, Robert Sterling, Reginald Owen, Lee Patrick, Charles Dingle, Tamara Shayne, Leonid Kinskey, Diana Lewis, Molly Lamont, Patricia Dane, Sara Haden, Keenan Wynn; D: Wesley Ruggles; W: Walter Reisch, Marguerite Roberts.