Something Weird

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Something Weird WOOf! 1968

McCabe is disfigured horribly in an electrical accident. A seemingly beautiful witch fixes his face, on condition that he be her lover. The accident also gave him ESP— and it gets cheesier from there. 80m/C VHS, DVD . Tony McCabe, Elizabeth Lee, William Brooker, Mudite Arums, Taed Heil, Lawrence Wood, Larry Wellington, Roy Collodi, Jeffrey Allen, Stan Dale, Richard Nilsson, Carolyn Smith, Norm Lenet, Louis Newman, Dick Gaffield, Janet Charlton, Lee Ahsmann, Roger Papsch, Daniel Carrington; D: Herschell Gordon Lewis; W: James F. Hurley; C: Herschell Gordon Lewis, Andy Romanoff.

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Something Weird

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