Somewhere in the City

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Somewhere in the City ★★½1997

Covers the screwy lives of six tenants of a Lower East Side New York apartment building. Betty (a subdued Bernhard) is an unlucky-in-love therapist who's still neurotically trying. She agrees to help out Chinese exchange student Lu Lu (Ling) who's desperately seeking a green card marriage. Then there's unhappy wife Marta (Muti), whose upstairs lover, Frankie (Burke), is a completely incompetent crook. There's also gay actor Graham (Stormare), who's disappointed personally and professionally, and basement-dwelling Che (Stewart), a trust-fund baby who wants to be a radical revolutionary. Sporadically amusing with a talented cast. 93m/C VHS, DVD . Sandra Bernhard, Bai Ling, Ornella Muti, Robert John Burke, Peter Stormare, Paul Anthony Stewart, Bulle Ogier; Cameos: Edward I. Koch; D: Ramin Niami; W: Ramin Niami, Patrick Dillon; C: Igor Sunara; M: John Cale.