Sommaruga, Giuseppe

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Sommaruga, Giuseppe (1869–1917). Milanese architect. With Basile and d'Aronco he was a major Art Nouveau designer in Italy. His works include the spectacular Palazzo Castiglione, Milan (1900–3), one of the most important Stile-Liberty buildings, elaborately ornamented. He also designed the Aletti tomb, Varese (1898), the Italian Pavilion, International Exposition, St Louis, MO (1903–4), the Palazzino Comi, Milan (1906), the Hotel Tre Crocí, Campo dei Fiori, Varese (1908–12), and the Faccanoni mausoleum, Sarnico (1907). Many of his works have accomplished Stile Floreale ornamentation (see Stile).


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