Small Vices: A Spenser Mystery

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Small Vices: A Spenser Mystery ★★ ½ 1999

Robert B. Parker's erudite Boston sleuth, Spenser (Mantegna), makes a return appearance along with his associate, Hawk (Mahmud-Bey), and lover Susan Silverman (Harden). This time Spenser is asked to check out a possible miscarriage of justice—did a streetwise young black man actually rape and murder a white suburban college student, the crime for which he's been convicted. But as things turn increasingly dangerous, it's clear someone doesn't want Spenser snooping around. 100m/C VHS . Joe Mantegna, Marcia Gay Harden, Shiek Mahmud-Bey, Eugene Lipinski, Wood Harris; Cameos: Robert B. Parker; D: Robert Markowitz; W: Robert B. Parker; C: Ron Garcia; M: David Shire. CABLE