Shanghai Triad

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Shanghai Triad ★★★½ Yao a Yao Yao Dao Waipo Qiao 1995 (R)

Seventh collaboration of director Yimou and star Li takes place in violent crime dynasty of 1930s Shanghai. Here, eight days are seen through the eyes of a young boy (Cuihua) initiated into the Triad to be the lackey of the mob boss's arrogant mistress (Li). The trio and some trusty associates flee to the country after things heat up with a rival mob. Yimou subtly distinguishes the dichotomy between the jaded criminals and the naive youth with the move from the city to the country and his use of color and tone while avoiding cliche. Plot twists are fresh and technical aspects impeccable. Chinese with subti tles. 108m/C VHS, DVD . FR CH Gong Li, Baotian Li, Xuejian Li, Shun Chun Shusheng, Wang Xiaoxiao Cuihua, Jiang Baoying; D: Yimou Zhang; W: Bi Feiyu; C: Lu Yue; M: Zhang Guangtain.