A Royal Scandal

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A Royal Scandal ★★½ 1996

And you thought Chuck and Di made a hash of their marriage. The British should be used to marital scandal as this saga on the disasters befalling Princess Caroline of Brunswick (Lynch) and Prince George (Grant), aptly demonstrates. The extrava gant George is forced to marry through political and financial pressure but loathes the unrefined Caroline practically on sight. As soon as a royal heir is on the way, they cease to live together and George goes back to his mistresses. But although Caro line will agree to a settlement, she refuses a divorce and when George becomes King George IV, Caroline fully intends to be Queen. 60m/C VHS . GB Richard E. Grant, Susan Lynch, Frances Barber, Michael Kitchen, Denis Lawson, Oliver Ford Davies, Irene Richards; D: Sheree Folkson; W: Stanley Price; C: John Daly; M: John Altman; Nar: Ian Richardson.

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A Royal Scandal

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