A River Made to Drown In

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A River Made to Drown In ★★ 1997

When wealthy lawyer Thaddeus MacKenzie (Chamberlain) learns he is dying from AIDS, he decides to get in touch with the two people he once loved, Allen and Jaime. Allen (Imperioli) is a struggling artist who once worked the streets and is now involved with gallery owner Eva (Lemper), who knows nothing about his former life. But he agrees to look for the still-hustling Jaime (Duval), even if this means confronting a past he'd rather forget. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Michael Imperioli, Richard Chamberlain, James Duval, Ute Lemper, Austin Pendleton, Talia Shire, Mike Starr, Michael Saucedo, James Karen, Lewis Arquette; D: James Merendino; W: Paul Marius; C: Thomas Callaway.

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A River Made to Drown In

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