A Rage in Harlem

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A Rage in Harlem ★★★ 1991 (R)

The crime novels of Chester A. Himes were translated into the best movies of the early '70s blaxploitation era. Now, a Himes story gets the big budget Hollywood treatment with juice and aplomb. A voluptuous lady crook enters Harlem circa 1950 with a trunkful of stolen gold sought by competing crooks, and the chase is on, with one virtuous soul (Whitaker) who only wants the girl. Great cast and characters, much humor, but unsparing in its violence. 108m/C VHS, DVD . Forest Whitaker, Gregory Hines, Robin Givens, Zakes Mokae, Danny Glover, Tyler Collins, Ron Taylor, T.K. Carter, Willard Pugh, SammArt Williams, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Badja (Medu) Djola, John TolesBey, Stack Pierce, George D. Wallace; D: Bill Duke; W: John TolesBey, Bobby Crawford; M: Elmer Bernstein.

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A Rage in Harlem

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