A Pyromaniac's Love Story

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A Pyromaniac's Love Story ★★ 1995 (PG)

Offbeat tale of romance has a neigborhood bakery burning down and every major character confessing to the crime. Earnest working stiffs, snotty rich kids, and kindly old shop owners all have really confusing reasons for wanting to take the heat, most of which have to do with unrequited love. At times charming, but ultimately too whimsical for its own good. The quirky characters and goofy plot twists sabotage any attempt to ignite much interest. 99m/C VHS, DVD . John Leguizamo, Sadie Frost, William Baldwin, Erika Eleniak, Michael Lerner, Joan Plowright, Armin MuellerStahl, Richard Crenna; D: Joshua Brand; W: Morgan Ward; C: John Schwartzman; M: Rachel Portman.

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A Pyromaniac's Love Story

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