A Reason to Believe

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A Reason to Believe ★★ 1995 (R)

Campus date rape drama filmed at writer/director Tirola's alma mater, Miami University. Charlotte (Smith) goes to her boyfriend Wesley's (Quinn) big frat party, even though he's away and asked her not to. She drinks and flirts (a lot) with his best friend Jim (Underwood) and eventually leaves to collapse in a stupor on Wesley's bed. Jim follows and rapes her, though he'll tell his buddies Charlotte was a willing participant, which Wesley angrily believes. Meanwhile, the traumatized Charlotte is taken up by Linda (Emelin), the leader of the student feminist organization who wants the fraternities disbanded. Somewhat preachy and predicatable. 109m/C VHS, DVD . Allison Smith, Jay Underwood, Daniel Quinn, Georgia Emelin, Obba Babatunde; D: Douglas Tirola; W: Douglas Tirola; C: Sarah Cawley.

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A Reason to Believe

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