Rooms for Tourists

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Rooms for Tourists ★★ Habitaciones para Turistas 2004

Creepy, gory feature (made more so by being filmed in B&W) set in a backwater section of Buenos Aires. Five girls miss their train and find room in a hostel owned by two brothers. Soon they're hunted by a masked killer throughout the dark, decrepit house. Spanish with subtitles. 90m/B DVD . AR Jimena Krouco, Elena Siritto, Mariela Mujica, Brenda Vera, Victoria Witemburg, Rolf Garcia, Alejandro Lise; D: Adrian Garcia-Bogliano; W: Adrian Garcia-Bogliano, Ramiro Garcia-Bogliano; C: Dario Bermeo, Veronica Padron; M: Rodrigo Franco.