Roop, Connie

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ROOP, Connie

ROOP, Connie. (Constance Betzer Roop). American, b. 1951. Genres: Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction, Biography. Career: Recipient, Kohl Award for Outstanding Teaching, 1990. Publications: WITH PETER ROOP: Space Out!, 1984; Go Hog Wild!, 1984; Out to Lunch!, 1984; Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie, 1985; Buttons for General Washington, 1986; Stick out Your Tongue!, 1986; Going Buggy!, 1986; Let's Celebrate!, 1986; The Extinction of the Dinosaurs, 1987; Mysteries of the Solar System, 1987; Poltergeists, 1987; We Sought Refuge Here, 1987; Seasons of the Cranes, 1989; Stonehenge, 1989; I, Columbus, 1990; One Earth, a Multitude of Creatures, 1992; Ahyoka and the Talking Leaves, 1992; Discovering Nonfiction Series: Sea Creatures, The Solar System, Flowering Plants, Insects and Spiders, Dinosaurs, 1992; Off the Map: The Journals of Lewis and Clark, 1993; Capturing Nature: The Art and Writings of Audubon, 1993; Goodbye for Today, 1995; Mary Jemison, 1995; The Pilgrims' Voices, 1995; Small Deer and the Buffalo Jump, 1996; David Farragut, 1996; Westward Ho! Ho! Ho!, 1996; Let's Celebrate Halloween, 1997; Let's Celebrate Christmas, 1997; Walk on the Wild Side!, 1997; Grace's Letter to Lincoln, 1998; Brazil, 1998; China, 1998; A City Album, 1998; Egypt, 1998; Greece, 1998; A Home Album, 1998; If You Lived with the Cherokee, 1998; India, 1998; Israel, 1998; Japan, 1998; Martin Luther King Jr., 1998; Susan B. Anthony, 1998; Vietnam, 1998; A Town, 1999; A Suburb, 1999; A City, 1999; A School Album, 1999; Let's Celebrate Valentine's Day, 1999; Girl of the Shining Mountains, 1999; A Farming Town, 1999; A Farm Album, 1999; Let's Celebrate Thanksgiving, 1999; Whales and Dolphins, 2000; An Eye for an Eye, 2000; Betsy Ross, 2001; Escape from the Ice, 2001; Let's Celebrate Earth Day, 2001; Let's Celebrate Presidents' Day, 2001; Octopus under the Sea, 2001; Sitting Bull, 2001; Up to the Challenge, 2001; Sojourner Truth, 2002; Good-bye for Today, 2002. IN THEIR OWN WORDS SERIES: Christopher Columbus, 2000; Benjamin Franklin, 2000. IN MY OWN WORDS SERIES, AS EDITORS: The Diary of Mary Jemison, 2000; The Diary of Joseph Plumb, 2000; Diary of John Wesley Powell, 2000; The Diary of David R. Leeper, 2000. Address: 2601 N Union St, Appleton, WI 54911-2141, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]