Revenge of the Nerds 4: Nerds in Love

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Revenge of the Nerds 4: Nerds in Love ★★½ 1994

Yes, even nerds deserve a little love. This time the gang get together for Booger's (Armstrong) wedding—complete with nerd bachelor party and wedding shower. Too bad Booger's future father-in-law is so reluctant to have a nerd in the family that he hires a sleazy detective to dig up some dirt. Made for TV. 90m/C VHS . Curtis Armstrong, Robert Carradine, Ted McGinley, Larry B. Scott, Donald Gibb, Joseph Bologna, Julia Montgomery, Corinne Bohrer, Christina Pickles, Jessica Tuck, Robert Picardo; D: Steve Zacharias; W: Steve Zacharias, Steve Buhai. TV