Return to Cabin by the Lake

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Return to Cabin by the Lake ★½ 2001

Psychos never die—they always return to do the sequel. Presumed dead writer/serial killer Stanley Caldwell (Nelson) isn't dead at all. In fact, he infiltrates a movie crew making a film adaptation of the circumstances of his killing spree. But Stanley doesn't like the way events are being portrayed, so he bumps off the director (Krause) and takes control. Campy rather than scary. 89m/C VHS, DVD . Judd Nelson, Brian Krause, Dahlia Salem, Michael P. Northey, Emmanuelle Vaugier; D: Po-Chih Leung; W: Jeffrey Reddick; C: Stephen M. Katz; M: Frankie Blue. CABLE

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Return to Cabin by the Lake

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