Return of the Living Dead3

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Return of the Living Dead3 ★½ 1993 (R)

When Curt's girlfriend Julie dies in a motorcycle accident you'd think that would be the end of romance. But not when your dad heads a secret project that involves reviving corpses. Only problem is now Julie's a zombie with long metal claws and glass spikes sticking out of various body parts. Hey, if it's true love Curt will get over it. Macabre special effects. Also available unrated. 97m/C VHS, DVD . Melinda (Mindy) Clarke, J. Trevor Edmond, Kent McCord, Basil Wallace, Fabio Urena; D: Brian Yuzna; W: John Penney; C: Gerry Lively; M: Barry Goldberg.

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Return of the Living Dead3

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