Return to Never Land

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Return to Never Land ★★½2002 (G)

Losing much of the charm and magic of the 1953 Disney animated classic “Peter Pan,” this sequel picks up years after the other left off and finds Peter (Weaver), Tinker Bell, and the rest of the gang in Never Land. Wendy (Soucie), however, is now grown and married with a daughter of her own, the spunky Jane (Owen), whose skepticism about her mother's wild tales fades after she is kidnaped by Captain Hook (Burton), still on a quest for the treasure he believes Pan stole. She then finds her way to Peter and more adventure with her mom's old pals. Innocuous and generic but refined Disney entry works for the youngest viewers but older children and parents won't find anything deeper for them. Nice blend of digital and traditional animation. 72m/C VHS, DVD . USD: Robin Budd; W: Temple Mathews; M: Joel McNeely; V: Blayne Weaver, Harriet Owen, Corey Burton, Jeff Glenn Bennett, Kath Soucie, Roger Rees, Spencer Breslin, Andrew McDonough.

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Return to Never Land

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