Powwow Highway

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Powwow Highway ★★★½ 1989 (R)

Remarkably fine performances in this unusual, thoughtprovoking, poorly titled foray into the plight of Native Americans. Farmer shines as the unassuming, amiable Cheyenne traveling to New Mexico in a beatup Chevy with his Indian activist buddy, passionately portrayed by Martinez. On the journey they are constantly confronted with the tragedy of life on a reservation. A sobering look at government injustice and the lingering spirit of a people lost inside their homeland. 105m/ C VHS, DVD . Gary Farmer, A. Martinez, Amanda Wyss, Sam Vlahos, Joanelle Romero, Graham Greene; D: Jonathan Wacks; W: Janet Heaney, Jean Stawarz; C: Toyomichi Kurita; M: Barry Goldberg. Sundance '89: Filmmakers Trophy.