Pine, Nicholas

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PINE, Nicholas

PINE, Nicholas. Also writes as Nicholas Adams, Andrew Colman, Clay Colman. American, b. 1951. Genres: Horror, Mystery/Crime/Suspense. Career: Writer. Publications: AS NICHOLAS ADAMS (young adult horror): Horror High, 1991; Mr. Popularity, 1991; Resolved: You're Dead, 1991; Heartbreaker, 1991; Hard Rock, 1991; The New Kid on the Block, 1991. TERROR ACADEMY SERIES (young adult horror): Lights Out, 1993; Stalker, 1993; Sixteen Candles, 1993; Spring Break, 1993; The New Kid, 1993; Student Body, 1993; Breaking Up, 1994; The In-Crowd, 1994; Night School, 1994; Summer School, 1994; Science Project, 1994; The Prom, 1994; The Substitute, 1995; School Spirit, 1995; Boy Crazy, 1995. AS ANDREW COLEMAN (young adult suspense): Mirror Image, 1996; Attitude Problem, 1996. Author of six books in the Escape from Lost Island series, under the pseudonym Clay Coleman, and twenty-six westerns. Address: c/o The Vines Agency, 648 Broadway, #901, New York, NY 10012, U.S.A.