Phelan, Mary Kay

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PHELAN, Mary Kay

PHELAN, Mary Kay. American, b. 1914. Genres: Children's non-fiction. Career: Author of books for young people. Publications: The White House, 1962; The Circus, 1963; Mother's Day, 1965; Mr. Lincoln Speaks at Gettysburg, 1966; The Fourth of July, 1966; Election Day, 1967; Four Days in Philadelphia, 1967; Midnight Alarm: The Story of Paul Revere's Ride, 1968; Probing the Unknown: The Story of Dr. Florence Sabin, 1969; The Great Chicago Fire, 1971; Martha Berry, 1971; Mr. Lincoln's Inaugural Journey, 1972; The Story of the Boston Tea Party, 1973; The Burning of Washington 1814, 1975; The Story of the Boston Massacre, 1976; Waterway West: The Story of the Erie Canal, 1977; The Story of the Louisiana Purchase, 1979; The Story of the United States Constitution, 1987. Died 2003.