Niagara Motel

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Niagara Motel ★★ 2006

A rundown motel in Niagara Falls houses the usual malcontents and oddballs, beginning with its drunken Scottish manager, Phillie (Ferguson). Lily (Crewson) is thinking about turning tricks since her husband can't find a job; waitress and wannabe actress Caroline (Dhavernas) is being pushed into filming porn by her sleazy agent Michael (Pollak); and drug addict Denise (Friel) wants to reclaim her daughter from foster care. 88m/C DVD . CA Craig Ferguson, Anna Friel, Wendy Crewson, Caroline Dhavernas, Kevin Pollak, Peter Keleghan, Kris Holden-Ried, Tom Barnett, Gary Yates, Dani Romain; W: George F. Walker; C: Ian Wilson; M: Guy Fletcher.