Niagara, Carrying Place of

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NIAGARA, CARRYING PLACE OF. Passage by water between Lakes Ontario and Erie being obstructed by Niagara Falls, a portage road between the lakes was constructed and maintained by the French in Canada. In 1720, Louis Thomas de Joncaire constructed and occupied the Magazin Royal, a trading house at the lower landing of the portage. In 1751, Daniel de Joncaire, succeeding his father, erected Fort Little Niagara to protect the portage road. On 7 July 1759, Fort Little Niagara was destroyed by its commandant when the British attacked to keep it out of their hands. After becoming masters of the portage, the British fully realized its importance. In 1764, they received from the Senecas the full right to its possession, and in 1796 they relinquished its control in accordance with Jay's Treaty.


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